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Background to ICEL

The Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) is a division of Lighting Industry Association Ltd. specialising in providing support to the market for Emergency Lighting requirements.

ICEL was set up in 1981 to be the leading authority on emergency lighting in the UK and continues to be recognised internationally for its expertise in the emergency lighting sector.


Membership of ICEL

On joining the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) members supplying Emergency Lighting equipment as part of their portfolio, additionally have the option to join the ICEL specialist Division.
Although there are no additional fees, certification with ISO 9001 and signed declaration that all your emergency lighting products fully meet the requirements of the emergency lighting product standard BS EN 60598-2-22.
The benefits of membership of ICEL are the extensive support provided to the development of the emergency lighting market through the work of its numerous Technical and Marketing committees, combined with technical support to individual members.
ICEL members have the opportunity to directly influence and participate in any or all of the work of ICEL committees and there are twice-yearly meetings to brief all members on significant developments in Emergency Lighting.



         ICEL a trading divison of the Lighting Industry Assocation 



ICEL Membership Benefits

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